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Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Tenant FAQ

Can I have any animals in the home?

     Pets are allowed in select homes, but require additional pet fees. If you plan to have a pet, a service animal, or an emotional support animal with you, visit this page.

How does the rent-to-own system work?

     Property Management prefers a rent-to-own system, in which tenants occupy a home and pay lot rent whilst paying off a loan for the home through monthly payments. This somewhat confusing system allows you to rent a home at a rate that is only slightly higher than the normal rental rate, and if you stay long enough, you will own your home, and your rent will decrease dramatically.

Can I just rent a home?

     Property Management does occasionally allow renters, but we recommend the rent-to-own system. If you are looking only to rent, please Contact Us to see if that is an option for you.

How much will I have to pay upfront?

     New tenants must pay one month's rent upfront, along with a refundable security deposit and sometimes a small mailbox key deposit. Tenants with pets must pay an additional one-time pet fee, and tenants seeking to own their home must give a down payment on it. However, this down payment may be split over several months if necessary.


Current Tenant FAQ

How can I request maintenance work?

     If you require any maintenance work for your home or lot, please submit a work order for it.

How can I log into my account?

     If you would like to log into your account to view your details, please Log In here.

Can I exempt myself from the trash or lawn services?

     In most communities (not all!), you can request the removal of your trash or lawn services. To do so, please submit the add or remove form on the Forms page.

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