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About Us

What We Offer

Property Management offers new or renovated, single or double-wide mobile homes. Most of our homes are offered as rent-to-own, but some are available for rent only. We allow pets in several select homes.

To view a list of currently available homes, click here:

Rent-to-own System


We prefer a rent-to-own system for most of our homes. When renting-to-own a home, you loan it while you pay monthly lot rent and contribute monthly payments toward the loan. This allows you to stay in the home at a rate close to renting, and you will own your home if you stay long enough. Then you will only have to pay lot rent!

Upfront Payments

We ask that you be able to pay $1500 upfront; if you can't, please contact us so we can work something out for you! To move into a home, new tenants must pay the first month of rent and a refundable security deposit which generally amounts to approximately one month of rent. Tenants with pets must additionally pay a non-refundable pet deposit, and tenants looking to rent-to-own a home must pay a down payment. However, we usually allow for these down payments to be split over several months.

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